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Read, Ride or Quest... Its's all up to you!

Step into your Dream with storyteller-shaman Maria Mar

Read the Magical Novel

Read the magical novel with a strong female protagonist who overcomes her challenges to become her dream. Print or digital format. Includes:

  • A Book Bonus Package
  • If you purchase the digital novel, you get a 50% discount for the print novel.
  • Reserved seat and VIP Notices to the free Ride with the Manifestation Masters Interview Series
  • VIP Notices to other Dream Express Events
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Catch the Dream Express!

Catch the Dream Express and ENTER the story to discover how dreams are built and create your own happy ending!

You know that you need to change something in your life in order to manifest your dream.

  • You are trying, but something's not working.
  • You get distracted and busy, and keep sliding.
  • You try affirmations and how-to tools, but you are stuck or moving too slowly.
Does transformation and manifestation have to be this hard? Do you have to struggle?

The answer to both questions is NO.
I'm not going to lie to you: there is effort and a bit of growing pains.

But manifestation can be a magical adventure!

  • Instead of struggle, how about PLAY for your transformation?
  • Play with Maria Mar and other spiritual, creative beings who can celebrate and support you as you quest for your dream.
  • Discover the Shamanic Secrets and Tools to manifestation and transform your life into a magical adventure.
  • Become the protagonist of your life. Keep your dream alive and become your dream every day as you ride in the Dream Express.

Embody your Purpose Now

Do you have a project, business or practice that you want to bring to life in order to fully embody your purpose?

Then quest for your Dream using journal writing and arts and crafts with the private support of storyteller-shaman Maria Mar.

Each week Maria helps you apply the DreamQuest materials to your life to create and advance your project.

This is the deepest, most private and focused level of support in this journey.

Includes everything
in the
Catch the Dream Express

PLUS weekly private, secure support for journal writing and creative projects focused on your embodied purpose.

Play for your Purpose!
Have fun, activate your creativity and embody your dream along the way.

This is a year-long commitment.


Reviews & Expert Endorsements

for the novel "Angelina & the Law of Attraction"

Angelina and the Law of Attraction

A “Show, don’t tell" of the Law of Attraction…

“REFRESHING! Many self-help books give you tips and tools on how to build your dreams. Angelina & the Law of Attraction immerses you in an experience that shows you —not just tells you— how dreams are built. This novel is a catalyst to the alchemy of creating the life of your dreams. This book is a MUST READ!”

~Eva Gregory, author of The Feel Good Guide to Prosperity and co-author of Life Lessons for Mastering the Law of Attraction with Jack Canfield.”


A spiritual experience of the Sacred Feminine…

“As a facilitator of mystical experience in the Sacred Feminine, I am impressed by how thoroughly Maria captures our inner voices, including feminine intuition. To attract the life of our dreams, the journey must be made. And this story reminds us that every woman’s journey is a heroine’s journey.

~Misa Hopkins, author of the best-selling book “Sacred Feminine Awakening: The Emergence of Compassion.”
An exciting ride to your dreams…

“Maria Mar takes us on an incredible metaphysical ride with her novel Angelina and the Law of Attraction. Thank you, Maria Mar, for entertaining, educating, inspiring and enlightening us. Reading your book is like purchasing a ticket for the Dream Express. I’m climbing aboard!”

~Leonard Szymczak, Author of The Roadmap Home: Your GPS to Inner Peace.
A delightful story…

“This novel is a magical, delightful story.”

~Corazon Tierra, author and body-esteem expert
A journey of liberation…

“Our deepest calling is to grow and become our own authentic self and to break from the conditioned images of who we ought to be. Angelina and the Law of Attraction helps you to awaken the seed of true self that was planted when you were born. ”

~Julia Andino, LCSW-R, Emotional Landscaping™

Free Trial

The Station in the Dream Express where your Artchemist Journey begins. Align with your dream to attract what you want.


Maria Mar

Which is You?

What do you want?
Transformation to manifest a dream or desire
Manifestation Mastery to create the life you want , or
Embodying your purpose into a service to change the world... this year.

Dream Rider

As a Dream Rider you enjoy:

  • Weekly Shamanic Transformation Journeys: One audio meditation for each station
    Weekly Shamanic Secret DreamGuides: One guidebook for each station revealing the main Shamanic Secret you need to master to advance towards your dream.
  • Weekly Journal Writing Playsheets: One Playsheet per station to work the shamanic secrets in the DreamGuide and apply them to your life. Rewrite the old story of your limitations into the new story of you creating your dream in your life every day.
  • Seasonal ARTchemy Videos: Some stations include ARTchemy (creative projects that use arts & crafts to play for your transformation). In these videos Maria shows you how to do the projects.
  • Live monthly conversation with Maria Mar: Access to the monthly conversations and replays.
  • Motivational Weekly Emails: Life gets hectic. We get distracted. That's how we drop our dreams. These emails keep you motivated and remind you to ride the Dream Express to your dream every day.
  • Ask the Shaman: All your questions answered plus access to all other answers in our community forum.
  • Support Community: You are not alone! Uplift your energy with like-hearted people.
  • Digital novel for all your devices: You get the novel in multiple digital formats, including MOBI for Kindle, EPUB for Androids and Ipad and PDF for everything in-between. Don't waste your precious time. Read while you commute or wait.
  • One year to go through everything at your own sweet pace while you keep moving towards your dream.
Catch the Dream Express
at the
Dream Rider level

Dream Quester

As a Dream Quester you harness the power and synergy of a group of like-hearted people to quicken your manifestation.

Dream Express Manifestation Mastermind Group
Join the Dream Express Manifestation Mastermind Group if you are no longer willing to delay your dream, run around in circles or get distracted from creating the life you want.

You get all that the Catch the Dream Express Regular Members (Dream Riders) get,

  • Real life mastery of the shamanic secrets to manifest your dream.
  • Manifestation shamanic group coaching and
  • Ceremonial Quickening thru
  • Monthly live Manifestation Mastermind Group with Maria Mar and
  • Biweekly Alignment calls: Align with your dream, release negativity & doubts. Live calls plus replays.
Catch the Dream Express
at the

Dream Quester Level
(Premium Membership. Only 20 seats.)

Dream Crafter

Dream Crafting is the art of crafting your dream with the clay of your time, your creativity and the shamanic secrets and tools that allow you to create deep transformation in your life.

Achieve radical, creative and deep transformation and manifestation to embody your purpose into a project, business or practice in a year.

  • Everything in the Dream Rider level
  • PLUS
  • 6 Private face-to-face 90-minute sessions with Maria Mar during the year. Maria helps you get crystal clear on your life purpose, track down what is holding you back, answer your doubts, nurture your radiance and design and implement a creative, spiritual process where you use all the shamanic secrets and tools to embody your purpose into a project, business, practice or service. THIS YEAR.
  • Activate & Embody your Soul Purpose Kit & Course
  • How to embody your purpose into a service webinar series
  • Consistent weekly private Journal Writing and Creative support in a private, bank-level secured online journal that you can access from anywhere in the world. Share your answers to the questing questions with Maria Mar. Allow her to help you track the hidden interference to your dream. Get her practical-spiritual and creative approach to problem solving and dispel the doubts and fears that hold you back. Move consistently every month towards becoming your dream and embodying your purpose.
  • Enroll in this level ONLY if you have a 100% commitment to embodying your purpose into a service to make a BIG change in the world, and you are DETERMINED to do it this year. ONLY 10 Seats available.
  • Your first act of commitment is to pay the one time fee. That's one of the ways I know that you are commited. Yes, I'll give you a 30-day full guarantee because I want you to make sure this is a good fit. But once you know that it is, there are no excuses. You make a commitment to stay in course the whole year. By this time next year you will be the incarnation of your purpose. If this makes your heart sing, go for it.

Catch the Dream Express
at the

Dream Crafter Level
(Premium Membership. Limited Seats.)


Membership Comparison Chart

You don't have to worry about this until the end of your free trial, by which time you'll know which is the right level for you. dream-express-membership-chart-2015-D


As humans, we see the world in stories.
stories that we
and then live

Recent studies reveal that in order to change the habits that hold you back,
you must change the Story Fields that keep them in place in your subconscious.

These old programs~like thieves lurking in the dark corners of your psyche~
attack your dreams and best intentions, chaining you to old limitations.

I invite you to change your story from one of limitations
to one of being, creating and becoming your dream every day.

As a storyteller-shaman I have created this delightful story and magical journey
to help you do just that!

Who am I? Why can I help you?

I master the art of transmuting problems into possibilities.

My grandma said that the "proof is in the pudding"... so here's my "Show, don't tell"...


... And this is only Chapter 4 of my Graphic Autobiography.

Want to know what happened in the previous chapters?

Wait until we have our monthly conversation and I start telling stories! LOL!

Would you like to discover these life-changing secrets...?

Shamanic Secrets in the Free Trial


  • Discover why your actions may not be effective and how to create effective actions that move you towards your dream.
  • Are you letting The Thief into your Dream House? Find out!
  • Find out what is your true Dream Compass and how to stay on course and make sure you don't detour from your dream.
  • Believe it or not, you have TWO hearts, and one of them is NOT to be trusted.
  • Why your results are not your real destination and what is.
  • How to open Windows of Perception to see what is invisible.
  • Your TransFORMation is the TransPORTation to your destination. But what if you call it a problem?
  • What Butterfly Woman teaches you about change and manifestation.