Book Bonus Package

Get the Book Bonus Package after you purchase the novel Angelina & the Law of Attraction.

 Book Bonus Package

Here's what you enjoy:

  • DAY 1:

Immediately download two exclusive Bonus Chapters.

  • Day 2

Request Maria's dedicated autograph for each of the copies of your book.

  • Day 3

Get your invitation to join the 30-day free trial in the Catch the Dream Express. Ride besides Angelina with Maria Mar as your Dragonfly Diva.
For those who buy the Dream Express First Ride hard copy at an event, if you decide to register, you get a 100% discount coupon for the first month.

  • Starting Spring 2016:

Get a VIP Notice and Early Bird priority seat for the Ride with the Masters Interview Series that will bring one monthly Manifestation Master to share the secrets that helped them manifest their dream. Your seat is reserved as long as you sign-up for the Series within 48 hours of the VIP Notice. (Don't worry. I'll send a couple of reminders, just in case you miss the first invite.)

  • VIP Notice and Discounts for:

The Magic Baskets. If you had your Dream Express Oracle read, you know how spot on it is. Many of those who got a card reading have asked me for a tool, project or ceremony that will help them do the Task of Power that the oracle recommends. I am creating one such tool per month and you will be the first (after our paying members) to know, with a nice discount to boot.

  • VIP Notice for Dream Express Events

There are some seasonal events open to the public either for free or paying. After the paying members, you will get the first VIP Notices to get priority seating. These events are usually limited seating, so be on the look out and do not dilly-dally.

When you sign up for the bonuses, you receive an email sequence with links to these pages. The first email has the discount coupon to get this package at no cost. Look for it.

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Intended Audience: readers of Angelina & the Law of Attraction. Must show order number in the form.

What's included

  • 2 High quality lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Maria Mar