Dream Crafting

Get access to the Private support features of the Dream Express to embody your purpose this year.

Dream Crafting

Dream Crafting is the art of crafting your dream with the clay of your time, your creativity and the shamanic secrets and tools that allow you to create deep transformation in your life.

Achieve radical, creative and deep transformation and manifestation to embody your purpose into a project, business or practice in a year.

  • Everything in the Dream Rider level 
  • PLUS
  • 6 Private face-to-face 90-minute sessions with Maria Mar during the year. Maria helps you get crystal clear on your life purpose, track down what is holding you back, answer your doubts, nurture your radiance and design and implement a creative, spiritual process where you use all the shamanic secrets and tools to embody your purpose into a project, business, practice or service. THIS YEAR.
  • Activate & Embody your Soul Purpose Kit & Course. Through shamanic journeys this course takes you deep into your soul to clarify and nurture your soul purpose and find your Infinite Inner Treasures so that you can easily embody your purpose in your unique way.
  • How to Embody your Purpose into a Service Webinar Series. Throughout the year, these webinars are spaced out, available at your convenience. They use whiteboard teachings to lead you step by step through the process of embodying your purpose into a business, practice, service or project. In these webinars Maria Mar shares what she has learned as a Spiritual Creative woman as she adapted proven methods to address creative fields, such as fiction writing, arts & crafts, non-coaching modalities, spiritual guidance vs. traditional coaching and other idiosyncrasies. Not only you learn how to create a structure that grows your purpose and expresses your gifts and how to create products with your talents. You also learn what works and does not work for spiritual creative women.
  • Consistent weekly private Journal Writing and Creative support in a private, bank-level secured online journal that you can access from anywhere in the world. Share your answers to the questing questions with Maria Mar. Allow her to help you track the hidden interference to your dream. Get her practical-spiritual and creative approach to problem solving and dispel the doubts and fears that hold you back. Move consistently every month towards becoming your dream and embodying your purpose.
  • ONLY FOR THOSE WITH A 100% COMMITMENT. Your first act of commitment is to pay the one time fee.  No excuses. Stay in course the whole year. By this time next year you will be the incarnation of your purpose. If this makes your heart sing, go for it.


Only $5,000 USD a year

One-time payment

You have a 30 day full guarantee refund. 

After the thirty days, you are in. No excuses. Use it or lose it!


What's included

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

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