Dream Quester Level

Join the Dream Express Manifestation Mastermind Group and Alignment Calls

Dream Express 

Dream Quester Level

Join the Dream Express at the Dream Quester level if you want to seriously make it happen!
If you are committed to manifesting your dream now --not in an abstract someday-- and you want my personal guidance to walk through each Playbook and shamanic secret and tool that I share here and in the novel Angelina & the Law of Attraction.
If you love journal writing and art journaling.

You get all that the Catch the Dream Express Regular Members (Dream Riders) get,
  • One-on-one weekly Guided Journal Writing sessions in an online bank-level secured journal that you can share with me.
  • Include your artwork, pictures and send me a safe link without exposing your privacy in the internet or via email.
  • I will respond with detailed feedback, new tools and insights, positive recognition, benchmarks and more.

ONLY 20 members are accepted yearly at this level.

$157 USD

a month, including membership features

You have a 30-day full refund guarantee.

What's included

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

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