Ride in the Dream Express

Quest for your dream every week while you master the shamanic secrets for manifestation in the novel.

 Ride in the Dream Express!

Ride in the Dream Express. 

Step into the shoes of the protagonist of the novel and ride in the Dream Express with Maria Mar as your Dragonfly Diva. 

Use the shamanic secrets and tools in the novel to create your dream in your life every day.

  • Infuse your life with magic
  • Why struggle with change when you can play for transformation?
  • Why crawl through fear, doubt and resistance? Ride a unicorn and see your vision become a reality. That's what the magic horn is for, isn't it? LOL!
  • Why get stuck and feel like you are carrying a heavy weight? Make it magical! Quest for your manifestation and turn your life into an adventure.
  • Do you know (or are you) a video game quester? Consider if you may not be engaging in pretend-questing because your heart yearns to quest for your dream? Go for the REAL thing. Quest for your dream. Become the protagonist of your life. Make it happen... for real.

What you get:

  • Shamanic Transformation Journeys (One audio meditation for each chapter/station)
  • Shamanic Secret DreamGuides: one Guidebook per station
  • Journal Writing Playsheets :1 per station
  • ARTchemy Videos: Some stations include creative projects and “show, don’t tell” videos.
  • Live monthly conversation with Maria
  • Motivational Weekly Emails. Avoid procrastination or distraction.
  • Ask the Shaman: All your questions answered plus access to all other answers.
  • Support Community- You are not alone! Uplift your energy with like-hearted people.
  • Digital novel for all your devices.


$57 USD 


30-day full refund guarantee*

* Even if you took the free trial, you still get the 30-day full guarantee.

** If you purchased the Catch the Dream Express hard copy kit in an event, once you decide to enroll, you will get the first month here free and we will only start charging in the second month.USe for the Coupon Code.

What's included

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Maria Mar